CDTV Dominus Build (New repo)

The New Build from CellarDoor, for Jarvis 16.1, based on Xonfluence mod and comes with a variety of themes and fonts. Pre-configured with all the necessary widgets and add-ons all you need to do is select the theme or font you want. For more information about  CDTV Dominus Build you can follow the developer in Twitter. Follow the Installation Guide or simply watch our Video Guide.

You can find all the Video Guides in our YouTube Channel.

All our Guides are presented in our Aeon Nox based Build called Simplicity but you will find no problem to follow the instructions in any Skin or Build you may use. If this is your first Visit in our site please find some time to Read our Disclaimer page before you proceed.

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First we need to install the Wizard from the CellarDoor Repository.

• From your main menu screen select File Manager under System

• Double click Add Source

• Press the <None> indication on the pop up window that appears

• Type the repository url as follow and click Done

• We need to give a name to the repository so press the empty space under Enter a name for this media source

• For our guide we choose to name this repository .CellarDoor but you can give any name you want as long as you can recognize  the source. The small dot is a simple solution so our repositories will not mix with local folders as Kodi keeps an alphabetical order to the media sources. Type the name .CellarDoor and click Done

• Select OK

• Now you should be able to see .CellarDoor added to your media sources. If you receive a message that your system cannot connect to the media source check again the url you typed for the repository and make sure it is correct. If that is correct check your internet connection. If nothing of the above is the problem then there is a chance that the media source is temporary down and you may need to continue the installation when the url is active.

• Now you need to go back to your main screen and select Add-ons from the System menu

• Select Install from zip file

• Click on .CellarDoor or the name you typed for the CellarDoor repository

• Select the file.

• The installation of the wizard may take some time. When it is completed you will see a massage that the add-on is enabled. Depending on the Skin or Build you use the message can appear in a different location on your screen.

• Click Dismiss in the popup message

• Then CellarDoor will start to clear your System .

• Let’s open the Wizard. Select My add-ons

• Select Program Add-ons

• Click CellarDoorTV Wizard

• In the add-on menu click Open.

• Now you are in the CellarDoorTV Wizard  environment. You can see more about CellarDoorTV Wizard in our PostNow  let’s install Dominus Build.

• Select CDTV Builds

CDTV DOMINUS Xonfluence Skin :

• Click CDTV Fresh Install

• Click Continue .

•  When the setup is complete select OK .

• Select Yes, Install .

• Then, select No Thanks .

• Finally, you have to close Kodi to save your changes . Click OK .

• Let’s take a look in every section of CDTV Dominus Xonfluence Skin Build

• Let’s see another color for our skin .

Go System .

• Select Appearance .

• Click Theme .

• For our example we are choosing Fire

• Let’s take a look again .

• Now let’s try and another Font. Go system again.

• Select from tab Skin –> Fonts .

• For our example we are choosing MR ROBOT .

• Here is how MR ROBOT font looks .

Keep in mind that when you install the Build, the system will take some time to update the add-ons and scripts as required, during the first run, so be patient. Since this is a 3d party add-on it is not supported by the Official Kodi Developers, Forums or Site. For more information about  CDTV Dominus Build you can follow the developer in Twitter.

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Here you will find all the information on why you need and  how to use a VPN service with Kodi

You can watch our Video Guide .

You can find all the Video Guides in our YouTube Channel

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