1. I DID IT! I DID IT! can not believe it, thank you I did it, i installed Zen and it worked I am watching a film. Thank you so much, such good instruction, brilliant for the idiot.

  2. I already had the NaN Repo, when installing Zen i get “update failed”

    Machine: Linux Ubuntu Mate *this happens on my FSTV and Mac Build*
    Kodi: 17.1 – Estuary (default)

    1. NAN repo is down and according to them they are working on that. We will update our posts as soon as we have more information

  3. Thank you, it worked. I had to go back and manually update it as soon as I downloaded it, if you are getting an ” Elysium Error” as soon as you open it, try that.

  4. Keeps giving me couldnt retrieve info could be due to network not connected. Made sure no space before http everthing exactly like on this site check on chrome says page not found. Help

  5. Rather than having over a hundred options show when preparing sources for a tv show- not only three or four show up. Quite often those three or four will not play and “no stream available” displays. Will this resolve itself?

  6. It was working just fine, since this morning no folders expanding and search is not even working i have andoid tv box,
    In progress folder works fine and i can even play pending videos

    1. hey. nothing else? just no stream? there can be multiple reasons. it could be that the server has more load on it and in that case, maybe you should try another server, open load or some other. it could also be a region lock issue in which case, you should change your ip to the same region as the stream with a proxy like hss or vpn like ivacy. please be a bit more elaborate though

  7. Nothing behind the menues as this morning on 20170720A. Tried to Force update, unistall, install a couple of times but nu success.

  8. I’ve got 3 Fire TVs and a PC with Kodi on them. Elysium was working until about a week ago. It will no longer work on any of my devices. I’ve reinstalled it etc. Same problem as Rivermeadow (above)

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